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Join our Coalition to End Child Sexual Exploitation

In 2022, we held 1,110 forensic interviews. 15% of those involved human trafficking or the sexual exploitation of children.
Our Coalition to End Child Sexual Exploitation is working to coordinate resources and services for these types of cases.
Who Should Attend:
Medical personnel (nurses, pediatricians, emergency department staff, dentists, etc.), social workers, school personnel, school resource officers, law enforcement, MDT partners, and anyone in the community who is passionate about ending child sexual exploitation and human trafficking. 

Mission Statement

Enhance identifying child victims of Human Trafficking or Commercial Sexual Exploitation through education, collaboration and training. Working collaboratively with the MDT and all supportive partners in the best interest of the child victims.

What is Commercial sexual exploitation of Children (CSEC)?

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) refers to a range of crimes and activities involving the sexual abuse, trafficking or exploitation of a child for the financial benefit of any person or in exchange for anything of value (including monetary and non-monetary benefits) given or received by any person.

Sexual Exploitation of Children and Child Sex Trafficking rates are higher than ever and happening in our communities – often going unnoticed or unidentified. The issue of Sexual Exploitation and Child Sex Trafficking is very complex and does not typically look the way movies or media make it appear. Understanding the intricacies of Sexual Exploitation and Child Sex Trafficking will assist in creating opportunities for prevention, identification and an appropriate response to all victims and their families.

Community education

We provide community education on what sex trafficking and sexual exploitation look like in this area and how you can protect children.

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The Facts

In 2022, we provided sexual abuse prevention education to 50,870 children
In 2022, 1,110 children received forensic interviews about alleged abuse.
In 2022, 792 of our forensic interviews involved sexual abuse.
60% of child sexual abuse victims never tell.
90% of child sexual abuse is by someone the child likes, loves, or lives with.
1 in 10 children will be sexually abused before the age of 18.
Nearly 700,000 children are abused in the U.S. each year.
Sex offenders are 3.5x more likely to confess if a child has had a forensic interview at a child advocacy center