The Child Advocacy Center of Northeast MO

Problematic Sexualized Behavior Program

It’s healthy and natural for children to be curious about their own bodies and others. Problematic Sexualized Behavior (PSB) is when behavior falls outside of what is developmentally appropriate. 

Myths About PSB

  • If a child has problematic sexualized behavior they will be offenders as adults
  • Only boys have problematic sexualized behavior
  • If a child has problematic sexualized behavior it means they have been sexually abused

Problematic Sexualized Behavior Program

  • Evidence-based with a 98% success rate (children who participate in treatment are unlikely to engage in future PSB)
  • Caregiver involvement is required
  • Serving ages 7-12
  • Group setting for caregivers and child simultaneously
  • Group will be 19 weeks for 1.5 hours commitment per week
  • Initial assessment for caregiver and child will
    determine if they meet the criteria to start the group process
  • Referral does not mean admission into the group
  • Admission into the program means criteria for PSB have been met
  • Individual therapy will only be guaranteed through a forensic interview


Cyndi Himstedt, MSW, LCSW
Therapy Services Program Director

Ally Drese, MSW, LMSW
Mental Health Coordinator/Therapist

Lindsey Hickey, MSW, LMSW

Carmen Ihrig, LPC, NCC

Hanna Moellenhoff, MSW, LMSW