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The Child Advocacy Center

Advisory Council


The Child Advocacy Center’s Advisory Council serves as a critical community champion of The Child Advocacy Center of Northeast Missouri and shares their gifts in service to the agency’s mission by providing the organization with professional expertise; their diverse knowledge of our community; their connections to local, state and national resources, colleagues or peers; their philanthropic support or other needed assistance. The Advisory Council has no governing function within the organization.

Mission Statement: To expand the knowledge of The Child Advocacy Center of Northeast Missouri’s mission and help our community understand The Child Advocacy Center of Northeast Missouri as the go-to resource and support for children and families who have experienced abuse.

Length of Term: An Advisory Council member may serve up to two consecutive three-year terms. The second term requires the approval of the board. Thereafter, council members may apply for one-year extension.

Major Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • Formulate and actively support the mission, objectives, policies and programs of the Center.
  • Attend and participate in quarterly meetings held in January, April, July and October – with other meetings as needed.
  • Advisory Council members may, and are encouraged to, attend Board of Directors’ meetings.
  • Advisory Council members may participate in Board of Directors’ discussions, but do not have a vote in decisions made by the Board.
  • Promote the Center by developing awareness and implement outreach in the communities served by the Center. Be alert to community concerns that can be addressed by the Center’s mission, objectives and programs.
  • Use personal and professional resources, relationships and knowledge for the advancement of the mission of the Center.
  • Review and sign Conflict of Interest and confidentiality policies annually.
  • Submit annually, and at such member’s sole expense, to both a criminal and CA/N (child abuse/neglect) background check.

Additional Duties:

  • Engage people who are interested in learning more about The Child Advocacy Center with a private or public tour of the facility.
  • Members are encouraged to promote, fundraise and attend a minimum of two Child Advocacy Center functions throughout the year, including the annual gala.
  • Allow The Child Advocacy Center of Northeast Missouri to publicize their name and participation on the council.

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2022 Meeting Dates


Jan. 10. 5:30p
April 18. 5:30p
July 18. 5:30p
Oct. 17. 5:30p


Jan. 11. 4p
April 19. 4p
July 19. 4p
Oct. 18. 4p

Advisory Council Members


Nancy Cope

Becky Coulson

April Croquart

Sarah Francis

Nate Kinnison

Denise Nickles

Victoria Peisker

Cathy Pratt

Jamie Riegert

Matt Riegert

Ashley Taggert

Shaun Taggert

Renee Vogelgesang

Josh Willbrand


Anna Lemon

Jenny Brokes

Amanda Bowen

Areas we serve

The Child Advocacy Center of Northeast Missouri has expanded its service area to include the fourteen (14) counties of St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, Montgomery, Pike, Ralls, Marion, Monroe, Shelby, Lewis, Clark, Knox, Scotland, and Schuyler. The main office is located in Wentzville, MO with another office located in Hannibal, MO, and a satellite office in Memphis, MO.